Poem about Bedazzled!!!

Thanks to Linda Allen for writing such a sweet poem about Bedazzled Boutique!!! :)

Tucked beneath Route 252,
Awaits a treat for me & you
A boutique that is so very grand
Everything from toe to hand

Walk inside & be amazed
Fabulous things in every space
It is aptly named Bedazzled
Once inside, you won't be hassled

Dresses, jeans, sweaters, & more
There is so much to adore
Ruthie is awesome, Suzi, too
Let's not forget Gina out of view

Victor, of course, is the boss man
A tight ship he runs as only he can
The consumate salesman he tries to teach
Not to let a customer out of your reach

For a great fit you will give thanks
And don't forget we carry Spanx
A new pair of shoes? A trendy belt?
You will walk away feeling svelte

Be kind to yourself & have a look
Please check every cranny & nook
If you wish to be chic & smart
Bedazzled Boutique is where to start!

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